Kent & Curwen - British Heritage Menswear
Dress Down with the Classics

British fashion is known for its heritage aesthetics – from special occasions to formal suits to daily wear; so what happens when a modern twist is thrown in? Explore Kent & Curwen, where the lines between old and new blur together to showcase a respectful yet re–imagined sportswear collection, taking note from its collegiate roots mixed with the essence of British nonchalance.  

Kent & Curwen is a leading British fashion brand renowned for its technical fabrics and elegant tailoring. From its start providing for clubs and colleges in the 1920s, it has since evolved into the quintessential modern apparel brand from casual wear to formal wear. Partnered with David Beckham, a new blueprint for Kent & Curwen is born – from polo and rugby shirts to tees and blazers, Kent & Curwen showcases a fresh take on how modern British men dress today.  
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